I love gaming. i played games since i remember my self, and i play now too.
i play on the PS4 platform and i love it. i have many games,
about 52 in disks and much more in digital edition. i love the time that i play in it.


I love technology. I was into it since i was a child.
I learnt how to build a computer, code and even be so
intrested in space technology. It's shocking how humanity came this far and
I hope we will be even more cooler with todays tech.


Well, I dont mean for Messi the soccer player. I mean my dog, Messi.
Messi is beautiful, funny and so dumb that you want to hug im every time you see him.
currently he is 2 years old and he still growing! he is super big he is my best of the best friend that can be in this world.